Thursday, February 7, 2013

GA for Christmas and the trip to South Texas

I went back to the North Georgia mountains for Christmas.  On the way North from Sanibel Island, I stayed overnight at Twin Oaks RV Park in Elko, GA.  It’s a Passport America park, so I get 50% off!  They had a Christmas decoration across from the park office.

Perfect for an RV park.

My nephew, his wife and new baby boy (Jackson) came down and visited one day.  My mom’s dog didn’t seem to understand this person who was her size.

I stayed at a campground in Dillard, GA about a week and then I took off for Mission, TX.  I gave myself a little more than 2 weeks to get there, so I stopped a few places on the way.  My first stop was Foley, AL.  From there, I visited Gulf Island National Seashore (in Florida).  I wanted to check it out and see if it is a place I would like to visit later.  I liked it, but don’t know that I would want to camp there.

It was fairly cold and windy the day I was there, but I still enjoyed a walk on the beach.  I also did a short hike in a wooded section of the park.   Another day, I went to Gulf Shores, AL and walked the beach. 

From Foley, I headed to Sulphur, LA.  I have stopped here a couple of times before.  I like it because it is close to the Creole Nature Scenic Drive.  While there I went to Sabine  and Lacassine National Wildlife Refuges. 

I saw this Great Egret who had just caught lunch.

The above is a Scaup, I’m not sure if it is a Greater Scaup or a Lesser Scaup. 

After Sulphur, I went to Beaumont, Texas.  Since I am a Texas resident and had not been to Texas in 2 years, I had to get both my car and RV inspected.  It was much easier this time as I found an inspection place at a quick oil change station that could inspect both.  When I was here 2 years ago I had problems finding a place that could and would inspect the RV.  (long story, and I don’t want to bore you).

While in Beaumont, I went to Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge.   One of the first birds I saw was a Vermillion Flycatcher.

I also saw a few Snow Geese--

After leaving Beaumont, I stopped in Victoria, TX for an overnight stop and then finally got to Mission, TX where I will be for 2 months.  I blog about my first few weeks in a few days. 

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