Friday, December 7, 2012


As mentioned in several blogs, I slowly made my way back to Georgia, where I was from the middle of October until Thanksgiving.  For the first 8 days, I stayed at Fort Yargo State Park again.  This park is one of only a few parks that are fairly close to Athens, GA.  While there I met friends I hadn’t seen in a while, went to a couple of doctor appointments and did a little bit of hiking at Fort Yargo.

Abstract painting??

Nope -

As seen in the picture above, it’s just the reflection of the trees in the lake from my lake front site at Fort Yargo. 

From Fort Yargo, I headed to the North Ga Mountains.  For the first 3 weeks I stayed in Mountain City, GA and then moved to Dillard, GA for my last week.  The campground I liked in Mountain City decided to close for the winter season.  I knew that going in, but I like staying there so decided I would move when they closed.

While in the mountains, I visited with my mom and went back for more doctor’s appointments.  I don’t have too many pictures as it the same as it was the last couple of years.  I thought about taking pictures while in the doctor’s offices as a joke, but I never did.    Since I have mentioned it several times, I should mention that one of the doctors visits was about my knee.  As I suspected it is just Arthritis.  But I just never knew what it felt like or how much it can hurt.  I did get some exercises that I am supposed to be doing that might help.  I should probably do them regularly to see if they really help!  I have only done them a few times so far, I really need to start doing them more often.  

I did get a surprise; while in Fort Yargo my sister and niece, Avery, decided to visit my mom.  If she would have waited a week, I would have been closer, but I still saw her a few times.  I went up to the mountains twice and I met them in Athens one day.  So  most of the pictures in this blog are family related.

No, the picture below is not of Avery doing the chicken dance.

As any good Aunt will do I taught her things her parents do not!  Like any good kid, she knows where her head, shoulders, knees, toes…. are.  But what kid knows where their Arm Pits are.  (Actually I was calling it under arms, but my sister decided Arm Pits sounded better, so we changed it). 

That same day, Avery tried on her Grandmother’s reading glasses.  While walking and looking through the glasses she acted like she was drunk.  I am sure she could not understand why she could not see correctly.

I am not much of a shopper, but of course when they came for a visit in Athens, we went shopping.  In one store (I think Kohls), Amy and Avery tried on fancy headbands.  I did too, but luckily nobody took a picture!!




From GA, I headed south back to Sanibel Island where I am currently.  I will blog about that once I leave, but there will not be as many pictures since I have blogged about it previously.   Just an FYI, its about 80 degrees and beautiful outside right now (actually I wish it were a bit cooler).  I’m headed back outside now! 

Sherry asked about my canopy chair and I didn’t reply until today, so in case you missed it.  It is a Renetto Canopy chair.  You can see them at  Mine has the footrest and I love it.  I bought mine at the International Kite festival in Washington state a couple of years ago. 

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  1. Thanks for the chair info. I love it. I'm anxious to know where you are staying on the fabulous Sanibel. There can never be enough pictures of it. Avery is darling. Love the glasses.