Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trying to catch up – Part 2

While in Oregon earlier this year, I had noticed a few areas that I wanted to spend more time in.  One of those areas was Cape Kiwanda, OR.  So I went to a campground that was just across the street from the beach. 

The picture below is another Haystack Rock at sunset (there are a few “Haystack Rocks” along the coast).  You can just make out the little dots in the water – they are surfers. 

While walking the beach one day, I happened to see something I had never seen.  A man pulled a strange looking cart out on the beach and unfolded it.  It looked like a low tricycle.  But he didn’t power it with his feet. 

It was powered by the kite. 

This area is known for their dories.  I didn’t know much about these boats, but I had heard that you want to see them launch and come ashore.  They are on a boat trailer, like other boats, but something is a bit different with this trailer.  They back it up on the beach just into the water.  Then they quickly go forward with the truck and the dory just slides off into the water.  The coming back on shore is more exciting.  As they get closer to shore, they rev it up and just slide up on the beach. 

The one above had just come ashore. 

Another Sunset picture -

One day, I drove back to Oceanside.  This was a beach that I enjoyed earlier in the year.



I went next to Newport.  Within an hour or so there are so many things to do.  I went back to Cape Perpetua where I went back to one of the blowholes.  One of the days that I was there it wasn’t blowing much, so this guy decided to get a closer look.  He almost lost his hat.   It’s a bit hard to make out but his hat is probably 8 – 10 feet above him. 

I also went back to Seal Rock.  It was high tide, so I didn’t go tide pooling, but the waves were spectacular.

During one of my walks I sat on some of the rocks, ate my lunch and enjoyed the show.  What a great show it was!!

When I started these “catch up” blogs, I didn’t realize I had missed so much.  I think there will be at least one more catch up blog and then one for my drive back across the country.



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