Thursday, May 13, 2010

Anacortes – Part 2

I had my shortest travel distance ever – 2.7 miles.  I went to Fidalgo Bay Rv Resort.  It has no shade (which is what I wanted) and is on the bay.   Looking one way the view is great, the other – well if you can ignore some of man’s mess it’s good to.

I think these were oil refineries.  From the campground I saw otters, sealions, bald eagles and other birds.

The campground was rather surprised to see the pheasant above.  Apparently they are not normally seen in this area.  My guess is he was lonely and was trying to make friends with the ducks.

I took the Washington ferry over to Orcas Island one day and did some hiking in Moran State Park.

The above picture was taken from Mt. Washington in Moran State Park looking out over some of the San Juan islands. 

I’ve been here for a couple of weeks now and I still can’t get over the big trees, ferns and moss!

From my previous blog, I posted a picture of a beach at Ebby’s landing where I hiked on the beach.  This time I hiked on the cliff next to the beach one way and then on the beach on the way back.

I enjoyed the hike, but I could have done without the wildlife -

One of the many things that really interested me in Washington and Oregon was tide pooling. I went to Larrabee State Park.  Just the drive up was great, but I was very impressed with the starfish or sea stars (I’ve seen them called both).

A couple more tulip pictures -

If you read the previous blog, you may remember that I mentioned they pluck the blooms once a few start aging.  I thought it was an interesting process.  These tulips still look good to me, but I guess they know more about this than I do! Before I left there were no blooming tulips left.  So I made it just in time!

I’ve had quite a bit of rainy weather while here, but I did take advantage of it and got both my Honda and RV serviced.  That’s one thing that is interesting about traveling.  You end up going to a different place every time and just hoping they do a good job.  I ended up taking the RV to the local Ford dealership and the RV to the local Honda dealership and was pleased with the service from both places. 


  1. Hey Pam. What a wonderful trip this is! I absolutely love the tulips! It seems a shame to cut em off cuz it's all I can do to get a couple good ones to grow and I treasure every hour of that little bloom :) Anyway, you pictures took me down memory lane to our trip to Amsterdam and the Kuekenhof gardens there. I honestly haven't seen a more beautiful place. I know heaven will have gardens like that :)
    PS I am new to blogger... how do you get your pics to stay verticle (the ones you have to rotate) and how do you blog in between photos? My photos all end up together... with the text somewhere else.

  2. Bev - A fellow Lazy Daze Full-timer suggested that I use Windows Live Writer with the blog and that has helped a lot. I'll email you more info ---Pam