Sunday, March 1, 2009

Few days from now it's the beach, but today it's SNOW!

So my last day at work was Friday. I am officially retired!!! My department at work gave me a great luncheon (Thanks guys!). So this weekend I'm planning what I will be taking for my first long trip in my Lazy Daze RV. Let's see shorts, t-shirts, suntan lotion... And what is it doing outside right now, it's snowing!! We don't get snow very often in this part of Georgia (east of Atlanta), so it's a big deal. It's rather funny how much attention the news media gives it! Here are a some pictures taken in my yard. That's not water on the lens, those are "snow clumps"! I don't know what the term actually is, but thats what they were -- just big clumps of snow!!


  1. Pretty! The photos almost look like they were taken with black and white film.

  2. Yeah... Snow was a bit unexpected. I am looking forward to viewing the pictures from your upcoming beach outing.

    We are all jealous with envy, but happy for you. We are looking forward to the day we can join you in retirement - not necessarily on the road.

    Enjoy your freedom!!!